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Welcome to Asera Group Of Companies
Started in 1933, the Asera Group of companies has grown from a singular trading unit to a multifaceted network enterprise. Catering to a diverse set of clients and industries, the Asera Group has proved to deliver quality and authenticity in every wing of its functioning for more than five decades.

The founder, Shri Chandanmal Asera, was among the industrial visionaries of the post-independent era. Inspired by the ideals of selflessness, commitment and effective action, he built his company on the sole value of mutual and continued trust between the company, clients and employees alike.

It is on this powerful foundation that the Asera Group has now expanded to include more than 500 employees and over 10 sub-companies.
Founders Message
Ever since our inception in the year 1933 we have always maintained
the spirit of “PREM SAT CHIT ANAND” and maintained them
as our CORE VALUES of each of our enterprise.
We believe that good quality,
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